Peugeot Micro e-Kick

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PEUGEOT and MICRO, pioneering urban mobility with the e-Kickelectrically assisted scooter

PEUGEOT and MICRO have teamed up to design the e-Kick, an electricallyassisted scooter to meet the challenge of a constantly evolving urbanenvironment. e-Kick provides an unprecedented multi-modal mobilityexperience, helping to provide fully independent transport solution tocover the "last-mile" of any journey.

PEUGEOT and MICRO, the reference for kick-scooters, share a commonvision of future urban mobility solutions and combined their expertiseto design the e-Kick. The e-Kick electrically assisted scooter offersanactive, natural, and flexible user experience, created to optimiseintra-city journeys by adapting to any circumstances and desire

Compact, and with a contained weight of only 8.5 kg, the e-Kickincludesmultiple major innovations:

- A "Motion Control" electric assistance system developed by MICRO: TheLithium Ion battery is built in to the ultra-thin platform with themotor integrated directly into the rear wheel. The e-Kick optimises thelevel of electric assistance based on user movements and provides arange of 12 km. It allows for speeds of up to 25 km/h, and is equippedwith a footbrake that is accompanied by a regenerative engine brakingsystem that recharges the battery.

- An innovative handlebar designed by Peugeot Design Lab: The e-Kick'smechanisms allow it to be easily folded in a few seconds and to berolled along on its front wheel so that the user doesn't have to carryit.

An optional "dockstation" allows the user to store the e-Kick in theboot of the new PEUGEOT 3008 SUV, and it also recharges the batterywhile the vehicle is driving. Outside of the car, the scooter can alsobe recharged in about an hour.


 Technical Specs




Age: 18+




Motor Power: 250/500 Watts




Max. Speed: 25 km/h




Range: 10-15 km




Weight: 8,5 Kg




Torque: 4 Nm





Battery type: Lithium-Ion





Battery capacity: 36 Volt x 2.5Ah = 90 Wh





Charging time: 1 heure




Height handlebar: 950 mm




Dimension folded: 820 x 155 x 230 mm




Maximum load: 100 Kg




Wheel size: 150/120 mm



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