A36 ECU Mapping

Prices shown in this chapter take into account the the shipping ECU


- - Following your purchase:

o to update your ECU at Peugeot Sport, please complete the

rebuilding form available HERE and send it

with the ECU at Peugeot Sport. Note in the mapping / ECU file the ECU

number and the number and date of your order

o to update your ECU on a rally, please contact Racing Shop

commercial service to communicate the number of the ECU and ensureyou

the presence of a technical advisor on this rally.

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Sel. Landm. Ref. Nomination * Qty Unit price -tx Qty sel.
1 0A3624851A Atmomax mapping ECU SRAE DL 16 x1
- +
2 0A3624853B Carless Mapping ECU SRAE DL 16 x1
- +
3 0A3624852B Pantamax Mapping ECU SRAE DL 16 x1
- +
4 0A3641245A Sunoco CF and FR engine map x1
- +

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